How can we celebrate the beauty of food?

Listening to NPR this morning, I heard a story about how French culture raises children to love food, and to make each meal a sacred time for family gathering.  The French, despite their rich diet, have less obestity because of their ties to rural traditions involving the production and preparation of fresh food.

As important to the French is when they don’t eat.  The space between meals is as sacred as the meals themselves.  This made me think about how the Torah is written.  The space between each letter is given meticulous attention by the scribe.  By Jewish law, preserving space within the holy scriptures is of equal significance to the writing itself.

Let’s create space for celebrating the beauty of food and its magical, nurishing qualities. According to Ayruveda, the ancinet sister science to Yoga, food is the body’s medicine.  How could food become more of  a muse in our lives?  How might we create more beauty in our homes through food?


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